Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cards from Marie

I recently struck up a trade with Marie at A Cardboard Problem, centered around a Cano patch I have had for quite a while.  For some reason, I hadn't contacted her until just recently, even though I intended to for a long time.  In return, Marie sent me some set needs, and a load of David Wrights that I needed.

A bunch of 2008 Sweet Spot (ironically that's the set that the Cano patch was from) and one 2008 UD X die cut.

The best card is definitely the 2004 Donruss Studio Studio Proof #/100.  These cards put me really close to the 200 David Wright card mark.  I really need to get an auto.

Thanks, Marie!  I hope you enjoy your Cano (and all the other cards of course). 

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