Monday, May 16, 2011

2007-08 UD Victory Hockey pack

I posting a hockey pack because I'm cold.  Work has taken me to Dayton, OH.  Ah, yes, beatiful Dayton.  When I got on de plane, it was 80 deg out.  When I got off, 45 deg.  I'm cold.  On the up side, there is a Meijer down the street from the hotel, and I've never seen one in my life.  I always see mAsSiVe MoJoZZ HiTzz that people pull from Meijer, so I may have to walk down there.  But first, could someone please tell me how to pronounce "Meijer". Myer, mayer, mayhair, meehair, major, myjer...I just don't know. 

On another note, I have received trade packages from Night Owl and LoneStarr, and a prize package from Bad Wax, but haven't had a chance to do anything with them.

Anyway, here are some cards. 

This is another pack that came in my discounted K-Mart holiday box. I'm making sure I get my money's worth out of this box (even if I only paid like $4), so you will see most of the packs on here at some point.

2007-2008 Upper Deck Victory
>>> I'm guessing of the 6 cards in the pack, I know 1 of the names.  After all, I'm not a hockey guy at all.

Martin Brodeur
>>> Well, 1/1, that wasn't the start I expected.
Tomas Vokoun
>>> Hmm, sounds kinda familiar? we'll give it a half point

Daymond Langkow
>>> Wow, also sounds familiar.  another half point. 

Eric Fehr

Andy McDonald
>>> Pro skateboarder: yes.  Hockey player: no.

David Moss RC
>>> nuh uh.

Ok, so I knew, say, 2 names in the pack.  As they say, 2/3 aint bad.  2/6 sucks though.

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SpastikMooss said...

Haha I scored 2/6 too! 1 for Brodeur and 1 for Vokoun...and then that's it.