Tuesday, May 24, 2011

one good post deserves another...

Many of you saw Night Owl's review of our trade, where Greg recapped all of the not Bryce Harpers I sent him.  He even went so far as to call the cards worthless.  I was severely offended, but only because it made it sound like he sent me a package with...cough,cough...value. heh heh, book value maybe...and we all know that book value doesn't sell on eBay.  All I ended up with was a bubble mailer and team bag to reuse and a stack of not Bryce Harpers.

None of these are Bryce Harper. 
No, these guys have all played in some MLB games this year.

Yeeeeahhhh, no.  We're further away now than when we started.

White American (which, coincidentally, is the
cheese I prefer at subway), but not Bryce Harper.

A high draft pick with tremendous upside...we're getting warmer...
...but not Bryce Harper

A #1 Overall Draft Pick...oooh, so close...but not Bryce Harper.

Wow, that'sjust dangerously close...
Mark Reynolds Career: 815 SO, 126 HR
...but not Bryce Harper

(Thanks, Greg!)

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night owl said...

I just found something all those players have in common:

They're all better than Bryce Harper.