Thursday, May 26, 2011

200th Post!!! A trade that stood the test of time...

I really never thought I would get to 200 posts.  I really never thought anyone would read anything I wrote.  I'm still not sure about the second thing, but this is my 200th post.  To start this post, we need to go wayyyy back to my 33rd post, two packs of 1999 Topps Finest Series 2.  That post, dated September 16, 2010, saw a comment by Lonestarr of the blog, Behind These Hazel Eyes.  He asked about a couple Nomahs, and to make a looong story short, we finally completed our trade last week.  That's definitely the longest trade I've ever been involved in, cloacking in at around 8 months.  He sent a load of great stuff, which I am honored to share in my 200th post. 

He sent a team bag worth of baseball PC cards, including these beauties:

I should definitely note that those two BJ Uptons are my 100th and 101st BJ cards.  This post is just loaded with milestones.  He also hit my Hokie collection, among the cards being these:

I love the KJ rookie.

At this point, if your name is Dawgbones, you should stop reading.  You will not like what you see below. 

He also sent me some dog-killers:

I especially love the ESPY Award Winner card, because that's the Vick I prefer to think about.  The highlight of the trade, though, were my first Vick relics (see another milestone):

Dawgbones, if you read to this point, I apologize, but I did warn you.  Thanks again to Lonestarr for the great cards and great trade experience!


dawgbones said...

Yeah, thanks for the warning. Unfortunately, I can honestly say that's the one #7 jersey that I will NEVER have in my collection, period. Nice looking cards though. Hard to believe it's been 100 posts since we met, and I'm still reading...
Keep up the good blogging there dude.

Play at the Plate said...

Congrats on making it to another milestone!!