Thursday, May 5, 2011

Group Break results: BA Benny's massive group break.

So I bought in to BA Benny ridiculously huge group break (my first group break), because it just looked like fun.  I chose the Nats/Expos since there weren't many teams left and I figured at worst I'd snag a couple Zimmermans I didn't have, and at best I might land the Strasburg auto that would pay off my house.  Anyway, I got a fairly large stack of Nats and a decent stack of Expos.  Speaking of Expos, the highlights of those were Vladimir Guerrero:

I especially like the T-96 Old Judge card.  Gotta love a mini-ish card from the '90s of a guy who actually made it.  I didn't land any massive Strasburgs, but did pick up these:

I did pick up quite a few Zims for the PC:

I especially like the Expos one.  Did I mention I also had the Eagles.  What's that? You say there are no Eagles in the MLB?  I agree, but this group break was massive, so naturally it had football as well.  I didn't get any dogfighters, but I did get a couple other nice Eagles QB cards:

BA Benny also randomed off the USA, non-sport, and multi-team cards, of which I scored the only hit I got:

Trevor Bauer currently plays at UCLA (did you know that Plaschke?).  How awesome would this card be if he ended up on the Rays.  I mean...Trevor Bauer...TB...Tampa Bay...get it?  BA Benny also sent along the trappings from our most recent trade, but I'll save that for another post.

In summary, I ended up with around 150 cards of Nats, Expos, and Eagles, winding down to a grand total of 8 keepers (the Zimmermans).   

8 keepers, 2 broken pitchers, and 1 decent trade bait card: $25
Total value of the those cards: $7
Watching several hours of videos of BA Benny opening 4 boxes, 6 blasters, and 298 loose packs, all while narrating with a thick New York accent and butchering names: PRICELESS!

Thanks again BA Benny, I thoroughly enjoyed the group break.  Should you ever attempt something so incredible again, count me in (though maybe for a different team...).



Greg Zakwin said...

I did not know that. Hmmmm. I might just need to find something for you, if it's available.

BA Benny said...

Glad you loked it, I wish I pulled some better cards for you though. Maybe the Bauer can score you something cool in a trade, it's a great looking card.

Community Gum said...

Oh man the Photoshopping on that Vlad MUST be immortalized in an Airbrushed Fridays post on Cards On Cards. Truly awesome.I am way bummed I missed out on this break! -Andy

Greg Zakwin said...

You have (e)mail.