Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2008 Leaf Rookies and Stars Football Pack

This is another pack that came in my discounted K-Mart holiday box. I'm making sure I get my money's worth out of this box (even if I only paid like $4), so you will see most of the packs on here at some point.

I really need to hurry up and post all these; I got this thing a while ago.

2008 Leaf Rookies and Stars - What are apparently the most boring cards ever. I wonder if this set was released and the designer said: "damnit, I know I forgot to color something." Yeah.  The whole damn card.

Edgerrin James - A great player that has faded out.

Ted Ginn Jr. - I wouldn't say he has lived up to hype, but he's done alright.

Vince Young - Cam Newton is Vince Young, only slower, less accurate, and with more question marks.  But, I'm sure he'll do just fine...

Matt Hasselbeck - He's a 36 year-old in a 46 year-old's body playing a 26 year-old's game.
Andre Johnson - He's a 29 year-old in a 29 year-old's body...provided the 29 year-old is a freaking beast.

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