Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 Best of Chrome Value Box: Topps Chrome

This is the first few packs of my Christmas loot.  Before Christmas, my wife and I were out doing some last minute browsing, and I bought myself a Topps 2010 Best of Chrome Value Box from Target with some early Christmas money her grandfather sent us.

 Naturally, I have to break it down into 5 separate posts: Topps Chrome, Bowman Chrome, Million Card Giveaway, Special Refractors, and Bowman Platinum Hobby.  Here are the results of the 5 packs of Topps Chrome:

1: Carlos Gonzalez, Jon Lester, Joe Mauer, Mickey Mantle
>>> Starting off with a plain jane pack with nothing special. Even the Mick doesn't have the same excitement when you already have a few of that card.

2: Brandon Phillips, Curtis Granderson, AJ Burnett Purplefractor #065/599, Alex Rios
>>> Ok, now we're getting somewhere, nothing wrong with a numbered/colored/refractored card

3: Chris Coghlan, John Lackey, Ryan Dempster Xfractor, David Wright
>>> An Xfractor (Topps Chrome base should be Xfractors...that would be sweet)  and a David Wright that I needed, that's what I'm talking about.

4: Felix Hernandez, Mark Teixeira, Robinson Cano Refractor, David Wright
>>> David Wright hot box!!! Ok, two cards does not a hot box make, but I'll take it.  The Cano Refractor is a nice action shot.

5: Michael Cuddyer, Michael Young, Russell Martin Xfractor, Ubaldo Jimenez
>>> A nice Cuddyer for the collection and a Russell Martin Xfractor.  Most people think of defying the odds as pulling an auto or something like that.  I think it would actually be more appropriate to define "defying the odds" as not getting a Russell Martin card when opening a pack.  Seriously, he's everywhere.

Nothing spectacular in there, but a pretty solid start to the box.  As always, if you see something you like, let me know.  Stay tuned for more Best of Chrome.


Charles @ Hoopography said...

If you don't mind me asking, how much did this value pack cost. Looks sweet!!!

Spankee said...

@Charles Great question. $30. There is a little yellow bubble on the front of the package that explains it is a $45 value. Since 5 Topps Chrome and 5 Bowman Chrome at retail would be $30, to also get the special refractor set, the two MCG cards and the Bowman Platinum Hobby pack makes it a pretty decent deal.

Jonathan @ RGB Cards said...

Ooh, Felix Hernandez! (hint, hint) :)

BA Benny said...

Some good looking stuff. I have the Wright card already but those Yankees look kind of fun. (BA Benny giving the raised eyebrow as to implicate a trade offer in the works).