Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 Best of Chrome Value Box: Special Refractors

This is another group of cards from my Christmas loot.  Before Christmas, my wife and I were out doing some last minute browsing, and I bought myself a Topps 2010 Best of Chrome Value Box from Target with some early Christmas money her grandfather sent us.

 Naturally, I have to break it down into 5 separate posts: Topps Chrome, Bowman Chrome, Million Card Giveaway, Special Refractors, and Bowman Platinum Hobby.  Here are the 5 Special Refractors:

BC-1: Stephen Strasburg
>>> About time Topps put out a Strasburg card...

BC-2: Starlin Castro
>>> No offense to Castro, but this should have been Buster Posey.

BC-3: Jason Heyward
>>> No offense to Heyward, but this should have been Neftali Feliz.

BC-4: Mickey Mantle
>>> Seriously, who comes up with these miniset ideas.  Who had the gigantic brass balls to say, "We'll have Strasburg as #1, then a couple of other rookie card-sellers that weren't ROYs, and then we'll have Mantle."

BC-5: Jackie Robinson
>>> See above, and replace "Mantle" with "Robinson".


I dig the special refractors but haven't ruled out having them as part of a contest or putting them on ebay.  I'd prefer to keep them together, but we'll see.  Stay tuned for more Best of Chrome.


moremonkeys138 said...

I agree with the Posey addition. I disagree with subtracting Robinson. Mantle has been crammed down our collective throats for so long and so hard that most collectors almost hate getting him. Topps hasn't killed the thrill of getting a Jackie yet (well, for me anyway), so I'm all for him being included.

Derek said...

Of course I like the Heyward but would love to see Posey in there too

Spankee said...

I wasn't saying to get rid of Robinson. I would love to see more Robinson. But, make Mantle and Robinson #1 and #2, then maybe add some people. I just hate how it feels like he was added in as an afterthought to get 5 cards in there.

AdamE said...

WOOOO-HOOOOO I can see one of your pictures....