Saturday, January 1, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!...and what to expect from My Cardboard Mistress in 2011

I wonder how many blogs set posts to be made at midnight like I did...anyway, we'll call this a State of the Blog post of sorts as I want to cover everything you can expect from me in 2011.  I plan to diversify and add some regularity to the blog with a few regularly occuring post concepts, so I wil cover some of those here.  In honor of '11, here are 11 things - resolutions, if you will - to expect in 2011 from My Cardboard Mistress:

1. Cardmas - First things first, I will be posting all of my various Cardmas presents from my wonderful family.  Some great stuff in there.

2. Trade bait - I will be sporadically posting cards as trade bait before moving them to Ebay or COMC.  I prioritize trading over selling, but hope to sell enough early in the year to pay for a hobby box of Allen and Ginter.

3. Banner update - Brett Favre and Tony Parker have been working hard on their images, so I should show them the same effort, right?

4. Space Shots pack break - I owe this one to Collective Troll and feel bad I haven't gotten to it yet.  He specifically sought me out to get me some space cards, so I need to get these up.  I hope to foray into video breaking for this one.

5. Random sports related item posts - could be anything from autographed items to medals I won in high school.  Oh, and I also have middle school and high school yearbooks that contain the likes of Scott Sizemore, Justin Upton, BJ Upton and David Wright.

6. Antique tools - I plan to mix it up every now and then by spotlighting some of the great stuff that my wife's Grandfather has given me.  He has been downsizing the amount of stuff he owns and he wanted to give me his antique tools, which I was honored to accept.  Seriously some awesome stuff. 

7. Tons of random packs - You may have noticed a poll on the sidebar asking you to vote which packs you are most interested in.  I have busted and scanned all of those, so I need your help in determining what order to post them.  I'm not sure how I will interpret the results (most poular first...or last...or most popular, then least, then next to get the idea) but I am very interested to see what everyone prefers. 

8. Contests - I can guarantee I will have a few contests this year, of various formats and difficulties. Some possibilities: Febraury to commemorate my 1 year wedding anniversary, July when I reach one year of blogging, October for my birthday...and maybe a couple others for any other random events that might pop up.

9. New want lists - I'm going to put some new want lists up at some point when I get around to organizing some of the sets I want to complete.  I also plan to add a list of the few cards that I want really bad at the moment.

10*. Eating better, exercising, saving money - and all that other crap I fail to do every year.

11. Listening to the audience - Tell me what you want to see...did 1-10 spark any ideas/comment/criticisms/etc?  Share them with me, I want to know.  I try to include a lot of visuals with my posts because I like shiny pictures and I read slowly, so the pictures help me.  Do you want more pictures? fewer pictures? some amount?...yes, yes I know it's ironic that this is a post with only one with it.

*When I started this list, I thought I had 11 things to bring to the table...alas, I had to fudge #10 to get there.


Fuji said...

You had me at the Space Shots pack break... the rest is just a bonus. Happy New Year Spankee!

Derek said...

Happy New Year and Good luck to your boys in the game tomorrow night

Play at the Plate said...

I'm with you on #10! I voted for some packs too...have a very Happy New Year!

AdamE said...

You wanted input??

I can't see your pictures. For some reason at work my browser eats them. All I get is a blank spot where a picture is spposed to be. Yours is one of the only blogs that I read that has this problem. The only other one I can think of is MoJo Beard but on ly the pictures that MoJo posts. Weird huh??