Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas Pack: BIEBER!!!!!!!

My sister-in-law is hilarious.  Among the 5 hobby packs of 2010 Bowman Chrome was this little gem:

I know the suspense is killing you.

Really, a 150 card set and you get 2 cards per pack?  I got some kind of crazy harnessfractor, with a picture of him latched in to a contraption that keeps him falling when attempting to dance, I guess.  The second is a puzzle piece.  There is more than one puzzle in the set.  One puzzle is too many puzzles.  I got his elbow. Yay.  Of course, the big mojo of the pack is the sticker.  I hope I never say mojo again.  Apparently "Runnin' Outta Time" is not even a song title.  It's one of the lyrics.  Seriously, and we wonder why kids are idiots these days.  Since I don't want this blog to have any credibility, here is the song:

I'm sorry.  Even if that little girl is the new sensation, I can't get into it.  I prefer music by talented folks.


cynicalbuddha said...

I don't know what's scarier that fact that there are Justin Bieber trading cards or that the gravity feed dispenser at Wal Mart was empty of packs when I was there the other day?

cynicalbuddha said...

I was actually planning a post about that experience but it seems more fitting as just a comment. But it got me to think what's a pack of 2 cards cost a dollar, two? That mean the base set will cost if put together from pack and you were lucky enough not to get any double $75 to 150 bucks to complete, not to mention all the foils, stickers, and gasp autos that might be in there. You know it scares me that I'm even thinking of this crap.

cynicalbuddha said...

I think my s button was sticking add s to a lot of those words above.

Spankee said...

I think my father-in-law hit the nail on the head: The scary part is the amount of money Bieber has made off of people buying the cards as a joke.

BA Benny said...

I don't know what is scarier, the whole concept of Bieber cards being made, a credible entertaining blogger like yourself posting about them, Cynicalbuddha putting that much thought into the set, or me wondering if there are any cards about New York or with American flags on them in the set. While I will NEVER purchase one of those packs (thank God my daughter is just older then his target audience)if a NY or flag card came my way I would be forced to entertain the thought of adding them into my collection.

It's a scary world out there people!

Fuji said...

Wow... I'm impressed that you'd admit to busting this pack. Much respect bro... silly product... 2 cards per pack? sounds like tomfoolery... but much respect.