Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What is the Golden Age?

What exactly is the Golden Age?  Well, many people point to different parts of history and we end up with several Golden Ages.  Let's see how Panini defines it:

Gene Tunney, Boxing Champ from 1926-1928
SS Edmund Fitzgerald, Freighter from 1958-1975

PAUSE...always a good time for this:

Just let it wash over you as you finish this post.

Johnny Bench, Cincinnati from 1967-1983
Grace Kelly, Actress from 1950-1956
Harry Houdini, Illusionist from 1891-1926
Bigfoot, Legend from 1958-present
John Belushi, Actor/Comedian from 1971-1982
Billy Sunday, Evangelist from 1891-1935

On to the inserts:

These are pretty cool and would make a great looking complete set.

John F. Kennedy, US President from 1961-1963
Joe Wood, Boston from 1944-1944

Here are the backs, which I like quite a bit:

Lastly, here are the two minis:

Abraham Lincoln, President from 1861-1865
Thomas Hearns, Boxing Champ from 1980-1992

So, after all this, we can cobble together Panini's definition of Golden Age.  We end up with:


While it may seem like a broad range, it could really be a deep insight on Panini's part.  They're saying that the Civil War brought about a Golden Age that is still going.  It's a romantic notion these days to think that the fracture of a country can change it for good.  Of course, the only way to really judge a Golden Age is for it to end.  If Panini is to be believed, this Golden Age will last until Bigfoot is no longer legend.  In deeper sense, it says that the world we live in is defined by the unknown, and as long as we have imagination and determination to seek out answers, we will continue to be Golden.

Stay Gold, Ponyboy.


Richard Nebe Jr. said...

Ah yes, Bigfoot, the reigning Hide and Seek champion...

The Junior Junkie said...

Kennedy, Lincoln, Belushi - so many great cards.