Friday, March 14, 2014

2000 Topps Chrome

I snagged a handful of these packs from my LCS a long time ago.

I did not pay $2.50 per pack.

I love the Devon White card.  Most people don't realize that Devon went on to star as a white guy in a VW commercial:

Orel looks good in Chrome, as does Moises.  Gabe Kapler looks good with his shirt off is a card I got, too.


Sure, Todd Helton was a star in the 2000s, but isn't a bit presumptuous to label a set "New Millenium Stars" when you're in the first year of a 1000 year term?

If his name was anything more exciting than Larry Walker, he'd probably make the HOF.

My scanner is not clean.

A better title for this card would be "Three Not of a Kind, Like At All, In Any Way Whatsoever".  Great looking card, though. 

I'm guessing the outcomes of the pictures on these cards were base hit and home run. 

Lastly, I got one refractor.  I think I'll hold this in case one of these guys has a breakout year this season.  Sure, it's not likely, but imagine if they did.  I mean, Wilton hasn't played in an MLB game in 14 years.  If he blew it up this year, this card would be insane.

Don't you love how I completely ignored the fact that I've been pretty much non-existent for a month and a half?


Ryan H said...

Haha, loved that VW commercial when it came out! +10 pts to you for refreshing my memory.

Hackenbush said...

I was slow to pick up on the Devon White thing. My bad. Unfortunate about the Three of a Kind card. I actually like the Pudge in quotation marks on the wrapper.