Friday, March 21, 2014

New Banner

It was time.  The HOF argument has grown stale, no one cares about Royce White anymore, and the Buttfumble...well, ok, the Buttfumble will forever be awesome.

I wanted to do something about how ridiculous it is that folks are comparing Jason Collins and Michael Sam to Jackie Robinson, but couldn't come up with anything that would get the point across.  Another thing I wanted to address with Michael Sam is the fact that everyone is talking about him, while ignoring the fact he's not even the best draft prospect at his own position from his own school! 

Then, there were the other obvious targets like Richard Sherman, Justin Bieber, Putin, Kimye, etc. But, I couldn't translate any of the ridiculous things I was thinking onto cards, so I ended up abandoning comedy for this banner. 

I'm pretty happy, even if I did have to invent two new elements.

You have to admit, the Guys in Hats and World's Wordsmiths inserts are perfect fits for Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, respectively. 

I also like that the new banner is the least bulky of the 5 I've had.

Just for fun, here are the 4 retired banners:

It's cool looking back at the old ones.  The first one has a special place in my heart, of course.  It featured three pure custom cards that helped announce my blog to the world. 
I managed to blend some real card designs into the second one and definitely made some strides artistically. 
The jump from 2 to 3, though, was huge.  Sure, #3 is a ginormous banner, but I still love it.  I definitely took a big jump conceptually.
The 4th is definitely my favorite from a design standpoint.  Making something in PowerPoint that actually looks like a shelf on the wall, complete with engraved name, wasn't easy, but turned out better than I hoped.  I'm still very proud of the Royce White card.  I made it from scratch (seal included) based on a Panini Prestige design and it looks just like the real thing.
My new banner may not have the same level of creativity or innovation, but I just don't have as much free time as I used to.  While the third and fourth banners took days to complete, my latest one took about an hour. 
I can live with that.

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