Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fantastic Value: Part 3

  1x 2012 Topps OD Rack
  1x 2012 Topps Archives
  1x 2012 Bowman
  1x 2012 Gypsy Queen
  1x 2012 A&G

I figured I'd list the last five packs up front so I don't have to break my stride.


Not bad.


Very nice, though it's pretty sad that an Opening Day rack pack is looking like the class of this box.

Not a fan of the awkward photoshop duo.  Yogi is pretty cool though.

Bowman is bowman.  Glad to snag that Verlander.


Standard GQ fare.

 SP...didn't need it.

The mini is the last card out of the box, and the nail in the coffin for my hopes of getting fantastic value. 

I did get to enjoy opening 15 packs and got some cards for my collections, so I'm not complaining.

I didn't spend my money on it to make my money back.  I spent money on it to have a little bit of fun.  In that regard, I certainly made a profit.

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