Saturday, March 29, 2014

2011 Upper Deck Football

I believe the total damage here was a blaster and a handful of loose packs.  All discounted, all from Target. 

There are some great shots in this set.  The picture-in-picture design with identical pictures isn't helping UD's case, but the cards aren't bad.

Ugh, Herman Moore in those ugly jerseys.  The Rice is pretty cool, but the Keith Jackson is amazing.  It's almost hard to tell what's happening at first because he stands out from the background so well. 
Hogan went to my co-worker for his WVU collection.  The colors on the Smith card look great.
I'm not a huge fan of these cards, mainly because there's not a connection between the players.  I get the "dream" part, but there should be some connection.
This is a little better, though the insert title is tough to read.  I would have preferred if they showed head-to-head player stats instead of overall team records.  For the record, AJ Green and Julio Jones faced each other once, when they were both freshman.  Green caught 6 passes for 88 yards and a touchdown.  Jones caught 5 passes for 94 yards and a touchdown.
These are like a mashup of a diploma and a $1 bill.  Not a big fan.
Lastly, we get to the retro rookie cards.  I really like these, and Kaep is a good one to get.  It's crazy how thin he was at Nevada.

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