Saturday, August 31, 2013

Football Contest: Loser Bowl Final


The Raiders enter the last quarter with a 3-point lead and a season's worth of losses in their favor.  The Bears enter the last quarter needing to avoid just a few points to pull of an upset, capping an up-and-down season.

Both teams lived up to the Loser Bowl name, as neither pulled any inserts, autos, or anything else special.  It all comes down to base cards. 

Let's start with the 1986 card design:

The Raiders pulled one, while the Bears pulled a pair:

Things are looking bleak for the Bears.  27-31.

Moving back a year to the 1985 design:

The Raiders went empty-handed as Cutler may have blown the game. 27-32.

1976 design:

The Bears are blowing this one, but you can't say it wasn't a team effort. 27-33.  Only one design left.

1959 design:

The Raiders do get hit with some points, but the Bears answer right back:

It's appropriate that the two guys who helped the Bears win most of their matchups close out their season.

Final: Raiders 29, Bears 35

Congratulations to Spiegel's Raiders, who managed to lose all the way to a 2013 My Cardboard Mistress Loser Bowl Championship!

Spiegel, I will be in contact shortly regarding your prize.

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