Saturday, August 24, 2013

Football Contest: Loser Bowl Quarter 3

The Raiders lead by 6 at the half.  The Bears need to be scarce in this quarter to get back into it. 

Raiders are up first:

Three base cards to get them to 18 points.

Carson Palmer shows up in base and mini form.  Both of those cards need a target, so...

Denarius Moore shows up, too.  That's 6 more points for the Raiders to bump them up to 24.

Lastly, a base RC gives them a 3rd Quarter score of 26.

The Bears are starting the quarter with 21 points.

A four-pack of base cards moves them to 25 points.

A base RC of Alshon Jeffery puts them back in the losing position with 27 points.

Their last card is a Devin Hester mini, which gives them 29 at the end of the 3rd quarter.  The Bears have cut the deficit in half, but still trail. 

Raiders 26, Bears 29

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