Sunday, August 11, 2013

Football Contest: Super Bowl Quarter 2

Broncos 4, Rams 10

The Rams dominated the first quarter, but the UD Victory box certainly favors the Broncos given the presence of Terrell Davis and John Elway.  Can the Rams hang with the legends or will the Broncos erase the deficit?

Both teams hit their checklists...5-11

The Broncos hit 8 of their 9 base cards.  Those are some damn good players up there.

The Rams answered with 7 of their 8.  Score is now 13-18.

Davis and Elway both made the All-Victory team, moving the Broncos within 1 point.  17-18.

They weren't done, though, as they tack on 6 more points to take the lead.  23-18.

Elway flashed back to his rookie days for another 2 points.  25-18.

The Rams stopped the bleeding with a Jerome Bettis flashback. 25-20.

Non-intimidating white guy and sweatpants give the Broncos a halftime total of 31.

The Rams pull 3 rookies to close the first half with 29 points.  Bly is from my hometown of Chesapeake, VA, so that's cool. 

So, the Broncos unload 27 points in the second quarter to open up a 2-point lead.

Broncos 31, Rams 29
Tune in next week for the half-time show. It's going to be good.

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