Monday, August 26, 2013

2012 Topps Magic Football Hobby Box

After busting several retail and hobby packs, I really wanted to break a box.  My football contest served as further justification to grab one, so I did. If you've been following my football contest, you've already seen some of these cards.  None of those teams got autos, though, so you haven't seen the hits.

Three base cards make a nice scan, and what better three to include than Luck, RGII, and Wilson. 

I am partial to this guy, though, since he's a Hokie.

The base set consists of 220 regular cards, and 55 short prints.  In my box, I got 135 of the 220 base cards, as well as 8 short prints.  I plan on collecting the set; my want list is here

These are my 8 short prints.

 Each pack has a mini parallel inside.  They are about the size of the minis Topps has been putting in the baseball flagship set.  I got 21 regular minis (6 RC) and 2 SP minis. 

Some RC minis
SP minis
My one-per-box black mini was Champ Bailey:

The black borders are nice, but at one-per-box, I wish they were a little more interesting, like the pigskin minis.

Those 24 minis weren't the only small cards in the box, though.  At 2-per-box, there are 1948 Magic minis that are pretty cool, and really really small.

The RGIII is sweet.  McCoy is a stud.  If Andy Reid had given McCoy the ball 30 times, so Vick wouldn't have had to throw 50 times, Reid would still be in Philly.

The most common of the inserts is the Supernatural Stars line:

Next in line is the Magical Moments series, which you may recognize from my blog's banner.

For the rookies, Topps channeled UD Masterpieces in framing the cards:

Unfortunately they used purple, which just doesn't do it for me.  I'm not complaining though, as I also got an RGIII here.

Lastly, Topps had to do a "duo" insert, so we end up with Charismatic Combos:

I like the design.  It's much better than anything they done like this for baseball.

That covers all of the cards, except for the three guaranteed autos.  I didn't get anything out of the ordinary, but I do like that Magic has tons of base autos.  It's cool to get "plain" autos of guys.  I wish more sets had base autos. 

Roberts is entering his fourth season.  He's improved his numbers each season, so he could toy with the 1,000 yard mark this year.

This is a fairly (hehe) decent auto.   His signature isn't great, but at least he fills some space.

This auto is pretty cool.  Graham is a stud.  Nothing against rookies, but I like the variety in these autos.  I like that I got players who are actually producing in the pros.  Most of the products you buy give you a couple rookie autos, and unless you're really lucky, you end up with a couple of guys who don't even make a roster.

While it wasn't a spectacular box, I did enjoy it, and it got me well on my way toward the set.


Jerry Yeager said...

That is a great box break...great looking cards...nice addition to any collection.

The Junior Junkie said...

SUPER jels of that Jimmy Graham. Amazing pull. We love that guy down in NOLA.

Colbey Hopper said...

I really, really like the look of these cards...but I just don't see myself collecting the set. That said I know I've got some packs that I bought that I never whenever I get around to them again I'll check them against your list and if you need them, they are all yours (minus any Carolina Panthers).