Friday, August 9, 2013

Football Contest: 1999 UD Victory scoring guidelines

The second quarter in both the Super Bowl and Loser Bowl will feature 1999 Upper Deck Victory.  Like 2013 Score, it has several subsets instead of inserts.

Here is how the scoring will go down:

Team checklists: 1 point
I really like the team checklists, but only gave them one point.  It probably won't matter, anyway.  Note: that Ravens logo is badass.

Base card: 1 point
All-Victory Team: 2 points
Note: Go Hokies!

Season Leaders: 2 points
Victory Parade: 2 points
Rookie Flashback: 2 points
Note: This card is way better than any Leon Sandcastle card released this year.

'99 Rookie Class: 3 points
The Rookies are somewhat short printed, so they deserve more points.

Also, I won't be doing a "leftovers" post for the Victory box because I may do some other posts with them in the next few months.

Good luck to the teams!

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