Sunday, September 1, 2013

Football Contest: Super Bowl Final

Many months ago, I had the idea for a contest.  25 weeks later, we've arrived at the crowning moment.  One team will walk away a champion.  The other, will just walk away.

The Broncos hold a commanding 9-point lead after dominating the Rams in the second and third quarters. 

Let's get to some cards.

1986 design:

You knew Steven Jackson wasn't going to sit this one out.  He's going to need help, though, as the Broncos came to play:

48-38 Broncos.

1985 design:

The Rams come out firing this time, though Peyton softens the blow a bit:

49-40 Broncos, as lead is cut back to nine.

1976 design:

The  struggle continues as the Rams score a point, only to be matched by the Broncos' third different QB of the quarter. 50-41 Broncos.

1959 design:

A pair of young gun Broncos may have just put this thing out of reach.  52-41 Broncos.

Only one team managed an insert:

This kinda ugly card scores another pair of points for the Broncos, giving them a 54-41 lead.

Only one card remains. 

The Rams need a miracle.

Can they get one?


The final blow has been dealt as the Broncos pick up a sweet Ed McCaffrey Fan Favorite Autograph to blow away the Rams.

Broncos 66, Rams 41

Congratulations to Brad's Broncos on winning the first ever My Cardboard Mistress Super Bowl Championship!

Brad, I will be in contact with you shortly to get you your prize.

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Chris said...

I like that McCaffrey autograph.