Sunday, August 25, 2013

Football Contest: Super Bowl Quarter 3

Just two points separate the Broncos and Rams.  Who will make a 3rd quarter move? Who will be the x-factor?

Base cards:

The Broncos come out swinging with 4 base cards, including one RC.

The Rams try to answer with two cards, including a rookie.  36-32 Broncos.


Both teams land a Supernatural Star to cancel each other out.  Broncos still lead by 4.

The Rams manage a RC mini to edge out the base mini from the Broncos.  Broncos lead 40-37. 

Earlier, I asked, "Who will be the x-factor?"  Well, the answer is Champ Bailey, who may have broken this thing wide open for the Broncos:

That's a base card, mini, and one-per-box black border mini...aka 1, 2, and 3 points.  Bailey didn't show up in the first half, but he's certainly made his statement here.
Broncos 46, Rams 37
 After just 4 points in the first quarter, the Broncos have rattled off 42 more in the second and third.  The Rams are going to need something special to have a shot at this one.

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