Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Shoebox Card #30

In 2007, at the age of 40, Lofton played in 136 games, batting .296 and stealing 23 bases.  Lofton and just one other player in the history of baseball have put together a season, after turning 40, of 130+ games, .290+ BA, and 20+ stolen bases. Anyone know who?

I really think Lofton is one of the most underrated talents from the '90s-'00s. 

Update: Red Cardboard correctly guessed Ty Cobb.  In 1927, Cobb played in 133 games, batting .357 and stealing 22 bases.  A couple other guys had close seasons, such as Rickey Henderson in 1999, but didn't quite make it to those numbers.


Ryan H said...

I have no idea who the other player is but I also think that Lofton is way underrated.

Red Cardboard said...

That'd be Ty Cobb. Nice company.