Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Baseball Cardrageous! 1/4

I picked up 4 of these from $5 Below over the past few months.  I've seen other repacks busted from there, but if they don't say "cardrageous" they aren't the real deal.  The other repacks they sell there tend to suck.  These don't, mainly because of the "Collector's Item in Every Box".

Let's see what was in the first one:

Junk packs, as expected.  The '90 Upper Deck packs are always fun:

I love those drawn cards from the early Upper Deck.  Why doesn't anyone do holograms anymore? Those stickers are awesome!

As for the 75 cards, there were some gems:

...and some really odd stuff, which is the fun part of these Cardrageous boxes.

What would my "Collector's Item" be?

A nondescript envelope full of cards.

A bunch of better-than-repack-value cards!

They were highlighted by a bunch of 2K inserts that I had never heard of.

Multiple brands with the same general design? (+/- foil, of course) Weird. Here's the BaseballCardPedia page on it.

I actually needed the BJ Upton, so that's awesome.  This is great trade filler stuff.

That was definitely worth the $5.


The Junior Junkie said...

You got a Griffey! That makes any repack worthwhile....

Once a Cub said...

Good stuff!

A little bit different than my Five Below repacks but you're right. Great trade filler stuff.

JediJeff said...

You can see McGuire sweating out the 'roids in that last card.