Tuesday, May 28, 2013

2012 Goodwin Champions

A week ago, I showed you some 2009 Goodwin Champions.  My how things have changed.  I picked up a blaster, some hobby packs, and some retail packs of the 2012 version.

2012 GC is a very bipolar set.  Several of the base cards are fantastic...and much better than the 2009 version:

Those cards are brilliant in many ways.  Unfortunately, though, 2012 also brought along some horrible cards, channeling the 2011 GC set:


 Again, there are short prints:

There are also SSPs:

The Geronimo card is pretty cool.  I've been around tennis almost my entire life, and I've never heard of Malcolm Whitman.  Wikipedia tells me he committed suicide by jumping off an apartment building.  Now I know.

We interrupt this Goodwin Champions broadcast to bring you these completely unrelated inserts.  Wait, you mean these are in GC, too? What? But the card stock, design, and concept aren't similar in the least!  There's no connection whatsoever!  Oh well.

Minis. The Sorenstam mini is really disappointing after seeing the base card. 

Exclusive minis, baby-turd minis, and a shiny mini.  The shiny minis are crap.

Backs.  Wonderful.  Is this over yet?


Hackenbush said...

I didn't buy any last year but the set's on my radar for 2013.

Play at the Plate said...

Military Machines was about the only thing I liked about that set. I need those two if you're not that into them.

Drop The Gloves! said...

I have to strongly disagree that those three cards you gave as examples of being terrible are, in fact, terrible. Those cards rule! I want a Gale Sayers in a poncho. I was going to say peace poncho but those symbols are actually the Mercedes Benz logo.

Also, Jim Kelly looks like a more unkempt version of Scott Caan in his photo.

Colbey Hopper said...

Are they making a 2013 set?