Saturday, May 18, 2013

2013 Upper Deck Football

How about a little college football on a Saturday.  I can't wait for the season to begin.  I picked up two hobby packs from the LCS just before the draft to get in the mood.

How did they do with the cover guys?

Geno Smith - 2nd Rd, 39th overall
Montee Ball - 2nd Rd, 58th overall
Eddie Lacy - 2nd Rd, 61st overall
Matt Barkley - 4th Rd, 98th overall

There's your first sign that this year's draft class isn't going to fuel the prices like last year's.

Since Upper Deck doesn't have an NFL license (STUPID!), but they do have an NCAA license, we end up with nice college cards.  A lot of folks don't care for them, but since I'm a college fan first, I love them.  Most of the set consists of NFL veterans shown in their old jerseys:

For those of you that think Oregon's recent jersey's are hideous, check out Fouts. 

As for the current draft class, they appear on Star Rookie cards. 

Philip Lutzenkirchen - Undrafted, Signed with Rams
EJ Manuel - 1st Rd, 16th overall, first QB picked
Cobi Hamilton - 5th Rd, 197th overall
Damontre Moore - 3rd Rd, 81st overall

1st, 3rd, 5th, and undrafted isn't too shabby for two packs.  If EJ hadn't been there it would have sucked, though.  Of course, there's no reason EJ should have been a first round pick.  Regardless, there's nothing wrong with getting the top-drafted QB.

I managed to score an auto in my two packs, which was a pleasant surprise:

I can't complain at all with this one.  Fluker, out of Alabama, was drafted 11th overall by the Chargers.  I love that his signature looks like a college kid's signature.

I'm glad I stopped buying cards for a while after buying these.  I could easily blow a bunch of money on rack packs and hobby packs. 

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Hackenbush said...

I can see liking these more if, like you, I followed college football. Since I don't, I'll just enjoy them vicariously.