Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cards from that Astros guy

If Sam, aka the Daily Dimwit, liked anyone but the Astros, this trade probably would have happened many months ago.  The problem came down to the fact that I just don't ever have any good Astros stuff (I know, I Astros stuff really ever good?).  Well, not too long ago, I finally pulled an Astro auto from Series 1.  Apparently, it's the only Astro auto in Series 1.  Go figure.

In return, I finally got my grubby mitts on this GQ Ryan Zimmerman auto he's been holding for me:

It's my second Zim auto, and it will pair nicely with the Auto-facts card I got in a Dimwit group break. Sam also sent along some other assorted Nats, including a Zimerald from 2013 Topps:

I guess you could say I'm now passively collecting the Nats.  I'm not going after them, but when I get them, I'll probably keep them in a separate box, now. 

Anyway, thanks for the cards Sam! I'm glad we could finally make a deal for that Zim.

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Greg Zakwin said...

that Zim is a beaut! I need to pick one up, been looking for an auto of his for a while.