Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wal-Mart vs. Target

Wal-Mart Rack Pack                           Target Rack Pack

Which store has the better rack packs? Let's find out:

Base cards:

Not bad...Mauer, Pujols, and the craziest crowd card in the set.
Trout, Cabrera, More Trout, Beltre, and the top rookie from this year.
Target wins and is awarded 3 points.

Emerald Parallel:

Better card, and better scan.
Target wins easily, +2 points.

Store Parallels:

Zim!  The Weeks is great with the powder blue uni.

At least the Dodgers cards look nice in red.  The Astros is ok, but the Mets is terrible.
Blue is always better than red.  Bonus points for the Zim to go in my collection.  5 points for Wal-Mart.


Wright! Sometimes packs were just made for me to open.


Chasing History - Koufax > Buehrle. +2 to Wal-Mart
Chasing History Foil - Even, but 2 bonus points to Wal-Mart for Wright.
Calling Card - Wal-Mart wins without a fight. +2
Million Dollar Chase - Even. Minus Eleventy Billion for Topps.
Chasing the Dream - Stanton > Montero. +2 for Target.
'72 Mini - Neither of the guys on these cards-that-shouldn't-exist play for the teams for which they are shown.  I'm not awarding points for that crap.

Final Tally:

Wal-Mart 11, Target 7.  I should note that if you take away the bonus points (4) I awarded for the Zim and Wright, it's a wash.  If it came to a tie-breaker, I'd give it to Wal-Mart for having the extra Calling Card insert.

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