Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Night Owl is right, PWEs are back.  They're great for many reasons.  I like using them because they're low-risk.  I usually use them for cheaper cards, so if one gets lost, it's easy to make up for.  Sometimes, you just don't have a stack of, oh, say, Dodgers lying around to fill out a package, so PWE makes sending that one card reasonable.  No trip to the PO, no bubble mailers, no $2 shipping.  Easy. Breezy. Beautiful.

Anyway, Oscar of ATBATT recently contacted me about a Clemente die cut from 2013 Topps, and we struck up a PWE deal.  In return, he sent a card I have wanted for a while, but has somehow eluded me.

This is Justin Upton's Rookie Card from 2007 Topps Update.  I've had the gold version for a few years. It was actually a gift from my then-girlfriend-and-now-wife since I didn't have any Justin Upton cards, yet. I'm actually surprised I never came across the base card, though, since most Topps base cards of guys I collect tend to make it my way several times over.  I'm thrilled to finally add this card to my "have" list. Thanks, Oscar! 

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