Saturday, March 16, 2013

...Man, that was some great bacon.

Ok, here are the cards:

This was the only base card that mattered to me. All of these scans suck because my hands had too much bacon grease on them to hold the scanner lid down.

Orange Refractors
Purple Refractor

The Purple Refractor is a nice bonus.

I only showed one pack of the orange refractors because I didn't open the other one.  I flipped it over and saw this on the back:

I already have that card, but it's pretty cool to have one unopened.  I can't remember who is on the front, but I do know Luke Hochevar was in the middle.

Not bad for $5.

I wish you all a goodnight and a Sunday brunch full of bacon.


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Hackenbush said...

I have three pounds of bacon in my freezer. You do know that bacon freezes well, right.