Friday, July 10, 2015

Twenty Packs Plus a Hit - Part 9 of 11

Opening Day is so much better than flagship.  It's really not even close.

Easily better than their foil counterparts.

Absolutely better than anything in flagship.

Blue rules.

This should be a flagship insert.

Opening Day Stars is easily the best insert set in all of the Topps OD, Flagship, Update series. every single year.

I don't understand Topps' philosophy at all with separating OD and flagship.  Outside of base cards, the things that made Topps card enjoyable back in the day were All-Stars, League Leaders, Record Breakers, Turn Back the Clock, etc.  Topps' didn't grow to success with reusing old designs and making them minis.  It wasn't on generic named inserts.  Topps' success came from a solid base set with subsets (or inserts) that were fun to get.

OD is a happier, funner set.  Not just for kids.  For all people.


Hackenbush said...

I totally agree. And you didn't even mention that it's even a bit cheaper.

Josh D. said...

10 Bucks for a blaster. Can't beat that. That what I open with my son when he wants to bust some packs.