Friday, July 3, 2015

Twenty Packs Plus a Hit - Part 2 of 13

Day 2 of my 20 Packs Plus a Hit box...

2013 Topps Archives Rack Pack.

Archives is always sometimes fun.

Top 3 cards in the first half...Yount, Perez, Killebrew.

Top 3 cards in the second half...Ripken, Gossage, Boggs.

Takeaway for Topps: Put old players on old cards and put new players on new cards.

Naturally, I took a break from Nolan Ryan and my Shoebox Cards, and ended up with a Nolan Ryan.  Fantastic card.

8+8+1=17.  Pack says 18.  I don't know if I was shorted, or forgot to scan, or just didn't care about the 18th card.  It was too long ago.

"No it wasn't... It was just a moment ago..." said Adele Invergordon

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