Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Twenty Packs Plus a Hit - Part 7 of 13 I Mean 11

Good news: I'm an idiot and started this multi-part series thinking I had 13 things to post.  Turns out I scanned 2013 Topps S1, S2, and Update packs together.  So, we're down to just 11 things.

Oh thank heaven for 7 of 11.

The running-out-of-the-dugout picture always looks great.  Anything with that part of the stadium shown is nice.  The same could be said about the Jay card as well.

Two years and two teams ago...

Spoiler alert...I didn't win $1,000,000.

Nothing to see here...just another Topps insert with potential that was ruined by foil.


 Yay, my red cards are from teams that look terrible on red cards. 

That's like putting Mayweather on a Topps of the Class card.

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