Monday, July 6, 2015

Twenty Packs Plus a Hit - Part 5 of 13

2012 Archives retail.  The only thing better than the original is the remake with new players where the cardboard isn't the same and it's not actually better, or good in general.

Does that say "Butt" on his butt?

MMMmmm.  Who doesn't love strawberries?  Sprinkle on a little cocaine and you'll easily burn those calories.

So red.

Does Drimothy Mouse live in Trumbo's hat?  That's a complex joke right there.

These cards are wonderful.  I want them all.  Not really.  I don't want them all.  But they are wonderful.

Only one more card in this 8-card pack because it's thick.

Love that helmet so much.  Signature pretty sweet, too.  Gotta love picking up a bonus relic in a repack box from a retail pack!

I think I had these packs listed from most exciting to least exciting (before opening, of course).  That doesn't bode well for the next week.  At least the guaranteed Hit is at the end.

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The Lost Collector said...

That will probably be a lot better than the guaranteed hit!