Monday, August 2, 2010

Rare My Cardboard Mistress Box Break: 2007 Press Pass Football

Target has been toying with me by having some old retail boxes on sale, so I continued my pattern of no-willpower and picked up a retail box of 2007 Press Pass.  The big players to get in the set are Adrian Peterson, Calvin Johnson, and JaMarcus Russell.  The box had 16 packs, each with 4 cards.  There were three pack designs featuring two players each. 

AP and Marshawn Lynch - Pretty good, can't go wrong with AP, I give it an 9
JaMarcus Russell and Calvin Johnson - a 0 and a 10 average out to a 5
Brady Quinn and Troy Smith - a 6, just because it has to be better than anything involving JaMarcus Russell
(Sorry for crossing out JaMarcus Russell, but I only wanted to include football players in this post)

In the first pack I got an entry card for a chance to win tickets to bowl games.  This was actually one of the four cards in the pack.  I guess it would be a cool card to get...if it we're still 2007.  I got a Reflectors parallel of a Brady Quinn/Darius Walker Teammates card numbered 115/500.  Not real stoked about this card; maybe my boss who went to Notre Dame (by my count, I have 8-9 bosses) will want it.  The first hit in the box was a Kevin Kolb Gridiron Gamers Jersey numbered 234/275.  Now I'm torn...Ever since McNabb left Philly, I've been talking about how Vick will take over for Kolb by week 4.  Now that I have a Kolb Jersey card, I'm not sure whether to hope I'm right, or to hope he becomes a HOFer so I can sell the card.

You may have picked up on the fact that I said "first hit", meaning there was a second.  It wasn't a real exciting hit, but an auto is always nice.  Tim Crowder is currently with the Tampa Bay Bucs.  I know his name because he was an All-American and Bednarik Award winner for my Texas dynasty in NCAA Football 2006 for the PS2...who didn't love Vince Young in that game?  The best card in the box was actually not a jersey or auto, but an Adrian Peterson Blue Reflectors card.  The blue reflectors were inserted one per pack, so they aren't extremely rare, but AP is a stud.

I am pretty happy with the box for 15 bucks, so I might have to go back to Target and pick up the other one that was on the shelf.  If I do, I'm sure you'll see it up here.

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TJ said...

Oh, man. Now I have to go over to Target and see what they have. I love college football cards. For 15 bucks, that wasn't bad at all.