Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rare My Cardboard Mistress Box Break: 2007 Topps Football Retail

I had seen  a few retail boxes of 2007 Topps Football at Target recently, but they weren't worth the 30 bucks, so I ignored them.  I went back to target the other day and they had been marked down to 15, so I picked one up.  The box had 24 packs, 11 cards per pack. I wasn't expecting much, but was at least hoping to pick up an Adrian Peterson RC.  The packaging was not really exciting...

...but I don't care what the packaging looks like, I just like to rip it open.  Ladainian Tomlinson is on the pack front and has an insert collection specific to Target packs.  I got LT TD Tributes 14-19.  Most of the inserts I got weren't exciting, but I did get a copper LT, so that wasn't bad.  I ended up getting the base AP rookie, as well as the Rookie Fantasy Challenge card.  I'm happy to add these to my slim football collection.

I didn't get any hits, but I got a few Hokies to add to my collection

I was a freshman at VT when Kevin Jones ran for 1600 yds and 21 TD and Ernest Wilford was a beast, though underused.  I sat across from Wilford a couple times on the bus...he was freaking huge.  I really liked the Aaron Rouse RC since he's from the 757 (he went to First Colonial HS in Virginia Beach).  David Clowney was a great receiver with major speed, but unfortunately we had Sean Glennon at QB in Clowney's senior year.  Sean Glennon had the most ridiculous collection of WRs that year (Clowney, Eddie Royal, Justin Harper, Josh Morgan, and Josh Hyman) and he sucked miserably.  Four of those receivers are productive in the NFL right now, so how could Glennon have possibly been soooo bad.  Josh Hyman never made it pro, instead returning to be an assistant coach for my cousin, David Waddell, who is head coach at Deep Creek High School.  Deep Creek also produced DeAngelo Hall, Darryl Tapp and James Anderson. I still say Hyman was the second-best receiver in the bunch (behind Eddie Royal), but Glennon was too much of a pansy to throw across the middle.

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