Saturday, August 21, 2010

2008 Topps Baseball Blaster

This is the second $5 blaster from FYE.  Not expecting much with this, but for $5, I'm not losing much if it sucks.  The box has 5 packs, 10 cards per pack, and one 3-card bonus pack of the Wal-Mart Dick Perez specials.  Here we go...

Pack 1
56 Seth Smith RC
233 Jimmy Rollins NL MVP
330 Curtis Granderson
69 Bobby Cox MGR
203 Jason Tyner
133 Mike Bacsik (The man who gave up #756)
85 Jason Bay
80 Alex Rios
90 Vladimir Guerrero
313 Kameron Loe

Pack 2
128 Kenny Lofton Postseason Highlights (gotta love the Kenny was still hanging around cards in 2008)
26 Manny Ramirez Postseason Highlights
3 Jeff Suppan
315 David Weathers
172 Chris Ray
282 Jon Lester
AR25 Dan Uggla 50th Anniversary All-Rookie
YR49 David Ortiz/Mike Lowell Year In Review
147 Marlon Anderson
189 Esteban German

Pack 3
59 Grady Sizemore Postseason Highlights
288 Ivan Rodriguez/Justin Verlander Classic Combos (a Verlander that I didn't have; if there was ever a catcher for a pitcher to listen to, it's Pudge)
298 NL Leaders HR Fielder/Howard/Dunn
305 Carlos Delgado
47 Orlando Cabrera
265 Fredi Gonzalez MGR
OTG20 Carlos Lee Own The Game
200 Manny Ramirez
241 Ervin Santana
316 Scott Hatteberg

Pack 4
25 Kaz Matsui Postseason Highlights
286 Jeff Clement RC
234 Red Sox Postseason Highlights
44 Johnathan Broxton
146 Aaron Hill
79 Omar Vizquel
165 Tim Lincecum
204 Rafael Furcal
283 Jorge Sosa
226 Kurt Suzuki

Pack 5
16 Kevin Gregg
141 Ryan Klesko
257 Austin Kearns/Dmitri Young Classic Combos (For those of you who didn't know, Dmitri has the most incredible PSA 10 rookie card collection ever.  He had it at the National on display.  I'd love to see it in person some time.)
22 Ron Washington MGR
84 Brian Fuentes
279 Damion Easley
MMS54 Mickey Mantle Story (Maybe my dad would like to have my Mantle cards for his bike know, just like he did in the '50s)
267 Chris Burke
55 Chris Young
81 Ray Durham

I know everyone has moments where they wish they could un-buy something, but I really shouldn't be feeling that way about something that I got for $5. I hope the bonus pack gives me something good.

WMDP8 Joba Chamberlain (have it)
WMDP2 Cameron Maybin (have it)
WMDP6 David Wright (have it, but it's a David Wright card, so I can't complain.  I should probably check to see if I have the whole Dick Perez set before buying anymore '08 Topps)

If you see one of these blasters and have a five dollar bill, I recommend stashing the $5 somewhere random.  That way, in 10 years when you find it again, you'll be much happier than you would've been opening the blaster.

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