Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ebay Day

I've gotten a few bubble mailers the past couple weeks filling out some of the cards I wanted but didn't get in packs.  Unfortunately I didn't have the cash to shell out for the Sizemore Superfractor a few weeks ago, but I am holding out that the price tag will come down a little bit on the Gold Refractor Auto and the Red 1/1.  Until then, I did pick up a few Bowman Sizemores I wanted.  I got the orange parallel numbered 234/250 to add to my base-gold-blue collection.  I also picked up the Chrome Auto and the Chrome Auto Refractor numbered 244/500 to add to my Chrome Blue Refractor Auto. 

I can't help but be amazed by the number of autos Scott signed for Bowman.  As far as I know, he signed 500 refractors, 250 blue refractors, 50 gold refractors, 1 superfractor, 4 printing plates, and an unknown number of base chrome cards.  My hand hurts just thinking about it.
I also wanted to pick up a couple of Allen and Ginter minis, so I got the Sizemore mini and also picked up the black border Cuddyer mimi with combined shipping.  I love the minis, especially the black border ones, although this year it seems Topps made the Allen and Ginter logo a little too big to squeeze the black border in.

Hopefully I'll have a few more in a few weeks as I try to finish out the cards I want from the Bowman and A&G sets.  Strangely, the Cuddyer mini is the first mini I have of any of the Towny Townsend Guys

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