Thursday, August 19, 2010

2007 Topps Baseball Blaster

I picked up a couple $5 blasters from FYE in the local mall, one 2007 Topps and one 2008 Topps.  I'm not expecting much, but for five bucks apiece I was happy to pick some up.  I was surprised to see a fair amount of reasonably priced cards at FYE of all places.  The 2007 Topps blaster consists of 10 packs, 6 cards per pack, and one bonus 3-card pack with, in this case, Wal-Mart special cards.  I'll save the bonus pack for last.

Pack 1
621 Alexi Casilla RC
544 Juan Uribe
MMS25 Mickey Mantle Story
422 Francisco Rodriguez
349 Brian Giles
566 Ryan Freel

Pack 2
637 Justin Hampson RC
369 Ben Zobrist
656 Carlos Beltran/Jose Reyes Classic Combo
MHR376 Mickey Mantle Home Run History
GN242 Ryan Zimmerman Generation Now (A nice addition to my Zim collection)
504 Brett Myers

Pack 3
584 Clint Barmes
397 Juan Encarnacion
520 Adam Dunn
JD21 Joe Dimaggio Streak (I think this insert set would be a cool one to finish a put in pages)
438 Chad Cordero
357 Sean Casey

Pack 4
612 Ozzie Guillen MGR (blah, I hate manager cards)
615 Lou Piniella MGR (oh goody, a second manager card in a row)
597 Detroit Tigers (two manager cards and a team card...really?)
546 Orlando Cabrera
HP6 Alex Rodriguez Hit Parade
527 Randy Winn

Pack 5
444 Josh Beckett
571 Norris Hopper
607 Manny Acta MGR (ah, gotta love cards of managers that got fired.)
TP16 Brian Bannister Trading Places
505 Jose Bautista
365 Tim Hudson

Pack 6
646 Devern Hansack RC
450 Ken Griffey Jr.
555 Andy Marte
GN301 Hanley Ramirez Generation Now
367 Cristian Guzman
541 David DeJesus

Pack 7
553 Ramon Martinez
528 Paul Byrd
479 Chris Shelton
650 Alex Rodriguez/Jason Giambi Classic Combo
588 Jose Guillen
395 Matt Diaz

Pack 8
484 John Maine
353 Kyle Lohse
DS22 Warren Spahn Distinguished Service (I like the idea of this set, just not sure the execution is there)
570 Mariano Rivera
475 Kevin Youkilis
525 Jeremy Hermida

Pack 9
355 Oliver Perez
592 Floride Marlins
371 Kenny Lofton
507 Shea Hillenbrand
GN389 Nick Swisher Generation Now
374 Adrian Beltre

Pack 10
359 Jon Garland
645 Angel Sanchez RC
414 Brandon Phillips
379 Chris Young
577 Jason LaRue
565 Alex Cora

Bonus Pack
WM25 Alex Rodriguez (classic design, classic pose, nice)
WM32 Michael Young (horrible design, looks like a mugshot)
WM36 Ryan Zimmerman (I love this card, the Nats' red looks good with the design, and it's a Zim I didn't have)

Not bad, a couple Zimmermans for the binder.  Wouldn't pay any more than $5 for it though.

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