Sunday, December 21, 2014

On the Tenth Day of Cardmas, My Mistress Gave to Me...

...10 TeenyMateys,

9 Basketball Cubes,
8 Pounds of Loosies,
7 Baseball Repacks,
6 Random Blasters,
5 Jersey Things,
4 Packs of Stuff,
3 UD Heroes,
2 Goodwin Blasters,
and a Baseball Gem of the Game!

When TeenyMates Series 2 showed up at Dollar Tree, I couldn't help but to grab a handful.  I ended up with 10 packs. What better day to post them than a football Sunday!

The set features 32 team running backs, along with 6 rare figures.  The Ref is the easiest rare pull at 1:37 packs, while the Metallic Gold comes 1 in just 512 packs.  Altogether, you can expect one special figure every ~16 packs.

I'll spoil the suspense now...I didn't get any rare figures.

Each pack comes with two figures and two puzzle pieces.  Despite getting 20 figures and 20 puzzle pieces, I only got 14 unique figures, and just 12 unique puzzle pieces.  That killed any plans I had for completing a well as the fact that I couldn't find them at Dollar Tree when I went back.

That's my pitiful start to the puzzle.

And the back.

Anyway, let's get to the figures.


Patriots were the only AFC East representatives.  They're really the only team that matters, so it's cool.

AFC North:

I had to make him face the other way since the Steelers logo is only on one side of the helmet.

AFC West:

The Chefs were the only team, but at least they showed up twice?

AFC South:

Arguably the two worst teams in the NFL right now.

NFC East:

DeMarco has been like two men this season.  The Giants dude kinda looks shirtless...

NFC North:

C is for Cutler Clausen.  1 Packer > 3 Bears

NFC West:

Gonna have to watch the Cardinals game tonight to see if Logan Thomas gets any action.

NFC South:

I was just a Falcons RB away from completing one division.  Oh well.

That does it for day #10.  I can't believe there are just 2 days left!

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