Monday, December 15, 2014

On the Fourth Day of Cardmas, My Mistress Gave to Me...

...4 Packs of Stuff,

3 UD Heroes,
2 Goodwin Blasters,
and a Baseball Gem of the Game!

It's a 4-pack-a-palooza folks!  I opened four packs each of these lucky 13 products:

2012 Topps Chrome Baseball
2012 Gypsy Queen Baseball
2007 Fleer Ultra Baseball
2013 Pinnacle Baseball Hobby
2014 Topps Pro Debut Baseball
2009 SP Threads Football
2010 Topps Platinum Football
2013 Contenders Hobby Football
2013 Magic Hobby Football
2011 Press Pass Football
2011 Upper Deck Football
1992 Action Packed Football
2006-07 Topps Basketball Hobby

Kobe just passed Michael Jordan on the all-time scoring list.  Good job, Kobe.  Nice dunk, too.  Two things, though...

Better dunk.

Better player.

Bird is the man.  Mobley is #/500.  Iverson is also the man.

I pulled a relic from a pack of Pro Debut.  Miguel Almonte played in A+ this year. He put up weak statistics, but still has potential to make the Royals one day.

Pinnacle yielded a couple of guys for my collection.

It also yielded some inserts/parallels.  Bryciepoo is on the back of the Troutiepoo.

Acetate cards are always cool.

Add this to the stack of 2007 Ultra Wrights...

Golden Griffey is beautimus. Those Swing Kings are good looking cards.

Hey everyone, look to the left and share your last name.  Look to the right and share your first name.

It's the future, is Beachy a star?  Schmidt is awesome.

Minis, because...minis.

Chromeo Chromeo wherefore art thou Chromeo.  Miggy and Smyly are refractors, though my scanner would have you believe otherwise.

Are you ready for some foosball?

Action packed did O-lineman perfectly.  Stack the two best from each team on one card.  Brilliantly brilliant to a brilliant level of which I can't even begin to speak of how brilliant that is.  Seriously, if Topps did that, it would be awesome. Oh wait, I mean Panini, because of exclusive bullshit.

Irvin isn't just a plain ole Irvin, though...

There's actual Braille on the back spelling out "Michael Irvin - '91 NFC Receiving Leader".  Action Packed did some awesome stuff.

Meh all around on these UD cards.

These 20th Anniv throwbacks, though...sweet as sugar.

Blue Reflector for my Tyrod collection makes me smile like Cam Newton.  AJ Green/Julio Jones sure worked out to be good choices for that card.  Blue Reflector Kaep is sorta nice.

More reflectors, including a Heisman Ingram #/299.  He's been killing it this year.


Magic Minis and a fantastic Aerial Attack...despite being Tannehill.

Man, Topps sure didn't want the image to get in the way of that border.

Standard insert fare.  Sure, those guys may be good at football, but they're no Tebow.

Regardless of the kind of football player you think Tebow have to admit that the Jets completely trainwrecked that whole situation.

Rookie Future of today Butler has appeared in 81 games, starting 29 of them.  DeAngelo Smith played 7 games, starting 1, and couldn't make it in the CFL.  I give the win to Darius.

I've shown a ton of cards in this post.  Here's the last one for the day.

Bo knows die cut.


The Junior Junkie said...

There are usually old packs of Ultra available at my local Target for $1.59 a pop. I've busted several dozen looking for that Griffey. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, are any of these cards for trade? If so please email me at