Saturday, December 20, 2014

On the Ninth Day of Cardmas, My Mistress Gave to Me...

...9 Basketball Cubes,

8 Pounds of Loosies,
7 Baseball Repacks,
6 Random Blasters,
5 Jersey Things,
4 Packs of Stuff,
3 UD Heroes,
2 Goodwin Blasters,
and a Baseball Gem of the Game!

What the hell is a basketball cube?

Well, at Target, I found these Ultra Pro two-piece storage boxes that each had one rookie, one jersey card, and one pack inside. At $3, that seemed like a pretty good deal.  I figured the rookie and jersey would be crap, but the packs would be ok and the cases usually go for $1-2 on their own.

Three Targets later, and I had 9 of them.

Here's a look at the sliding two-piece case.  I really needed some of these, so that was good value right there.  Each one also had a piece of inch-think styro foam cut 2.5x3.5, which I also find to be valuable for sorting, storing, and packing supplies.

These were the 9 rookies.  About what I expected.

All 9 packs were 2008 Press Pass Basketball, which I knew when I bought them.  I like college stuff, so I was cool with ~$1 per pack.

There are actually a decent number of good players in this class.

Definitely a lot of Beasley.

Derrick Rose shows up a ton as well.

Each pack came with a blue reflector:

The Rose blue reflectors look really good.

Love/Westbrook is a hell of a combo.

Finally, we get to the jersey cards.  They weren't anything special, which is about what I expected.

Getting dupes of two different cards is definitely disappointing.

Haywood and Marshall are probably prefect examples of what I expected to get here.

Steve Smith isn't a bad name. Smith played 14 seasons and average 14-3-3 for his career.

This was the only jersey card that was more than I expected.  Jalen was a 14-4-4 career guy who has gone on to significant success as an announcer/analyst.

Ultimately, for 27 bucks, I ended up with some pretty good college cards of some NBA stars, 9 jersey cards, and 9 sliding two-piece cases that I really needed (Ultra-Pro brand, too).

I'll take it.

See you tomorrow.

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