Friday, December 19, 2014

On the Eighth Day of Cardmas, My Mistress Gave to Me...

8 Pounds of Loosies,

7 Baseball Repacks,
6 Random Blasters,
5 Jersey Things,
4 Packs of Stuff,
3 UD Heroes,
2 Goodwin Blasters,
and a Baseball Gem of the Game!

Seriously, I weighed myself holding the box and then weighed myself not holding the box.  The system of equations looked like this:

me + box = x, where x is an unfortunately large number that I will not disclose.
me = y, where y is an unfortunately large number that I will not disclose.

Therefore, box = x-y.  In this case, box = 8 lb.

8 lb of loose packs.  That is truly depressing.  I had already opened these, placed them back into the packs, and put them in a box. After taking away all of the repacks and blasters and other packs in the 12 Days of Cardmas, I had 8 POUNDS of packs.

I have a disease.

Anyway, let's get excited, and confortable, because this is going to take a while.

Christmas is the season of Red...

Doerr #099/399
...and Green...

Smith #/199

...and there are many things that are Gold...

Middlebrooks #/199
...and shiny...

...and sparkly...

...but be careful shopping. You may end up black and blue...

Hawkins #/96, Jackson #001/100

...and there may be some white on the ground...

...and I'm proud to live in the USA!

The season is also a time to remember those who were gone too soon...

If you haven't read Ryan Anderson's story in SI, you should.  It's definitely an eye-opener on dealing with the loss, confusion and aftermath of having a loved one committing suicide.

Now that we've gone down the sad route, let's step back and change the tune.

There were some non-card packs in the big box.  First up, Topps Chipz

Hardy, Hamilton, Molina, Votto, Peavy, Billy the Marlin, Gomez, Grilli Gold, Chapman Silver, Buchholz Blue, Cain Blue, Gordon Black
My 2-year-old absolutely loves sorting Topps Chipz, especially using this storage container.

If you get any Christmas cards, you may put them on the fridge using some Magnetz:

Fronts: Cardinals Silver, Chiefs, Bears
Backs: Ellington Silver, Charles, Jeffery
The last non-card pack is Teenymates:

Panthers (5-8-1) and Raiders (2-12)...not the best pairing in the world.

 Okay, back to cards, basketball first:

The Larry Bird is so awesome, and who doesn't love seeing Grand-ma-ma around Christmas.

I love this Zach Randolph card.

Speaking of rising, here's another thing better than Kobe:

Pretty damn awesome that there are two HOFers on that card in addition to LeBron dropping the hammer.

Random Cards:

I think Ultra Star is a great way to describe both of these guys:

I wish more people these days would focus on real injustice instead of acting like every little thing is the next civil rights movement.  The Flashbacks card shows a real problem that was addressed.  Stop acting like we have anything going on today that is a important as that.  I know it's human nature to want to be a part of something, some kind of movement, but inventing one doesn't solve anything. Rant over. Back to cards.  Pistol and the Big O are sweeeeet cards.  Let's stop acting like we should believe anything Jay Gruden says.  He has not earned his job.  RGIII has.

The GQ cards and the OD Stars cards are fantabulous.  Mascot cards are cool.  Zito is boring but semi-notable.

I did get some cards for my own collection:

Oh that security bar angers me so.  How dare you ruin such a great dummy card?

Needed all of these.  That's awesome.  Especially stoked about the Erick Green card.

This is one of those fringe PC cards.  I don't collect Aubrey Huff, but D. Wright shows up on the scoreboard behind him.  My original plan was to investigate exactly when this image was taken, but that work has already been done. April 29, 2007, if you're lazy.

This season, it's important to remember that gifts come in all shapes and sizes.  Just like cards...

I managed to get 7 "hits" out of my 8-pound box...

Harry Douglas is kind of amazing.  He's hung around the Falcons as a backup for a few years, which is hard to do in the NFL at WR.  Then, he posted 1000 yards last year, and has put together a solid season this year, stepping up when needed.

I think Leon is a great way to finish off this massive post.  That's what 8 pounds of packs looks like, in case anyone ever wondered.

Whew, I'm tired.

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Whoa, looks like I'm gonna have to hunt up a bunch more stuff for you again in the coming weeks. :O