Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bruce Bruuuce!

Dawgbones recently hooked me up with a sweet Justin Upton Bobblehead and a great set of player posters.  When we met up, he mentioned he came across one other bobblehead...some guy named Bruce Smith.  Bruce is a former VT Hokie, so I laid claim to that bad boy pretty quickly.  We met up a couple of weeks later, and he handed me the Bruce.  It's going to look awesome next to my Hokiebird Bobblehead.

It features Bruce in his high school uniform, which is awesome.  In addition to being a Hokie, he's also from Norfolk, which is right next door to my home town. Bruce went to VT and on to the NFL and was a Hall-of-Famer.

Dawgbones also threw in this nice Verlander card, one of the only cards from GQ that I really wanted:

Thanks, again, Dawgbones!!!

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