Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Weird-Oh Wednesday #4a

Weird-Ohs #4

This card reminds me of Dawgbones and his new bike. He's the reason always have to be cautious when driving around my hometown. 


dawgbones said...

Only on Fridays Spankee, only on Fridays. finally got her out of the break-in period now though.
Rode up to Wakefield and back on Sunday afternoon for Mother's Day lunch with the family and two close friends. For those traveling 58 West out of Chesapeake, the 2 "BUMP" signs near the airport should be labeled "CURB!!", was not fun hitting that second 1 at 60mph!!

Jeremy said...

Love the new blog header! You always have the funniest blog headers. One problem though, I can't read the fortune cookie. What does it say?