Thursday, May 3, 2012

2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Retail Comparison: 9 Packs

A while back, 2011 A&G started showing up at discounted prices, so I picked up several different items.  I got 9 retail packs, 2 rack packs, and a blaster.  Let's compare the contents, starting with the retail packs:

I won't be showing un-SP base cards, because you've seen all of those.  I managed 5 SPs:

I did score a number of cards for the PC:

I needed the Verlander for my player binder, since my other one is in my set.  The Upton is a code parallel, always a nice loose pack pull.

The dupe Strasburgs stinks, but I needed the Aristotle for my set, so that's a big plus.

all you really want to see is the minis, though:

Three black borders in 9 packs is pretty awesome.  Saunders is a former Hokie.  I considered collecting him, but lost interest pretty quickly.

Getting 2 cards for my player collections and 1 for the set is pretty good given what I already have, and the rest of the cards were pretty good, so not bad for 9 loose packs.  BTW, the loose packs were 25% off, so they ended up being $2.25 apiece, or about the price of a blaster all together.  Not bad for Ginter.

Stay tuned in the next few days for the Rack Packs and Blaster.

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