Sunday, May 20, 2012

My first blowout forums card.

After getting the 2011 version of this card, my brain wouldn't let go of my desire to have the 2010 version.  I eventually found one on blowout for much cheaper than the couple of ignorant eBay sellers had theirs for.  I was very pleased with the transaction, and am very pleased with my card.  I've got the 2010 base card, so now I need the 2011 base card to complete the quad.

I'm still pissed we fired him.  One justification was that recruits and players didn't like him.  Yet, somehow, since his firing, our top recruit/freshman (Top-20 recruit, Freshman All-ACC) from this past year announced his intent to transfer, and our top recruit for next year (ESPN Top 100) decommitted. 

Oh well.

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