Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Topps Diamond Giveaway...finally

I finally took shipping of my Topps Diamond Giveaway cards.  While many of you showed off your die cuts a long time ago, I had to wait.  I had to wait mostly because I never got any die cut cards.  Bummer.  However, I did manage to land or trade for a number of cards that I am very happy with.

I know, nothing special here, but I needed them for my David Wright binder.  These next four cards are for trade, if you are interested.

It's a solid moustache card, so I thought, "why not?"

Someone offered me this '74 Wayne Garrett for my '02 Adam Dunn.  No brainer.

This '67 Ollie Brown was unlocked by me.  I tried a couple trades for older cards, but ended up not moving it.  I'm not dissappointed though, it's a great looking card.

The oldest card ('60) I unlocked.  Can't complain.  Any Braves fans need this one?

The next 6 cards were all additions to my Topps 3 collection that I traded for:

 2000 Topps Wade Boggs.  I traded three cards ('88 Rafael Belliard, '91 Matt Williams, '93 Bernard Gilkey) for this one.  Not terrible.

1998 Topps Billy Wagner.  Again, I traded three card ('86 Buddy Biancalana, '95 Kevin Seitzer, '06 Brandon Claussen).  Definite win for me. 

1987 Topps Dwight Evans Record Breaker.  Yeah, that's right, I had an '87 shipped.  I traded a '83 Mike Witt for this.  Not a blockbuster trade, but definitely worth it to me.

1976 Topps Mickey Lolich Record Breaker.  I traded a '74 Mike Phillips and a horrendously airbrushed '74 Bob Tolan for this.  It sucked to do 2 '74s for it, but I'm glad I have it. 

1969 Topps AL RBI Leaders Harrelson/Howard/Northrup.  I traded a '69 Ken Boyer (sorry Dodgers fans) for it.  This was the second trade I made on the site, and it ended up being the card that brought in the most offers.  I had several offers of cards as old as '65 for this one.  I couldn't let it go, though, because I was so happy to check it off my list.

1966 Topps Sam Mele.  This was the result of the first trade I made.  I traded a '67 Joel Horlen, which is a pretty good deal for me. To move back a year and get a card I really wanted was great.  I got a few offers for this card as it went on, but mostly junk.

With the addition of these 6 cards, I now have 87% of my Topps 3 Set.  I've also got 4 cards waiting on COMC, which will leave me with only 4 to track down.

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