Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2012 Gypsy Queen Rackie Packie

We returned some stuff to Target and had $9.88 put back on a gift card.  Wouldn't you know that a Gypsy Queen value pack goes for $9.49 plus tax.  Match made in heaven.

As good as the pictures are, the gray borders just look lousy.  I could also go for a lower profile on the GQ logo.

The backs are interesting, but only have about 10% of the area devoted to the player blurb.  There's a lot of blank space an unnecessary design going on.

My first Cuddyer as a Rockie
My 1 SP Photo Variation

My minis were a regular back, straight cut back, and green parallel.

The sliding stars insert is nice, though I would like to see a slightly wider shot used.  At least show me more of the mystery leg on the fielder, as well as the entire base and player helmet.

Standard HOFer rehash set, but still nice-looking.

I absolutely love this card.  The coloring, layout, theme and everything else are dead on.  I love the photo.  This is my favorite card so far this year.

The best thing in the value pack is the bonus pack of paper-framed parallels:

I'm thrilled with my three.  I doubt the Kemp stays in my possession long given his following.  A HOFer and a future HOFer round out the bunch.  The Kaline has been set aside with the V-Mart mini from above for DHoff since we're working on a trade.  The rest is up for grabs.

I can't say I'll buy any more, but it was a fun rip.


night owl said...

I'd love the Kemp. I've got a David Wright Lineage insert if interested. Otherwise, I'd have to do some scrounging.

A2 Wolverine said...

Set the kaline and V-mart aside for me please?

Nick said...

Nice pulls!

I'm interested in the Clemente SP if it's still available. I've got a 2012 GQ Mini #330 BJ Upton SP if you can use that one.