Saturday, April 21, 2012

Too Many Hokies

Dennis the Blowout King strikes again!  That's right, curator of both Too Many GranderVerlandersons and Too Many Michiganninghams, as well as reigning champino of Thorzul's Card Wars Episode 2 has sent me cards once again.  If you trade with Dennis, you know what it is like to never be ahead.  When I search for Hokie cards, I find overpriced cards.  When he searches for Hokie cards, he finds the sickest stuff at dirt cheap prices. 

You like that Wang? Should an XXXfractor...hehehe. 

You might be thinking, "well, those aren't that sick, really." Well first, you'd be wrong, they are sick.  Second, they weren't the sickest sickness in the sick package. This was:

2008 SP Rookie Threads Rookie Letterman Patch Autograph #09/16
My first manuletterpatchauto, and it is badass.  I love the orange and maroon letter.  The only downside is I now desperately want all of these letters. 

1 comment:

Dennis said...

Since you know my secret for acquiring cash for cards, I'll assure you that I washed my hands several times before mailing those to you.